Is this kit plAyed by butch trucks of the Allman brothers worth $1,000

It was, but I found out the mapex m birch are not worth as much as I thought. Also, there are legs missing from the rack, they told me there is rust on the rack. The big difference is it was actually played by butch trucks. Thanks for your input. I'm trying to buy it from the buyer. Can you believe it sold for $550?


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I can believe it. In order for a celebrity kit to be worth "more" than it's face value, you have to have some kind of "proof" (provenance) usually. Also .... you're not stating that Butch Trucks owned this kit ..... merely that he played it. So ..... there's a lot of loose ends.


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I agree with Harry - you will need to proceed with great caution on this buy. There are waaay more questions than answers present here. Be careful.