Is this guy beating on both sides of a tom at the same time?


Just found this interesting video. There is no Bass drum in the normal spot but he has one where a gong normally is. Looks like he has an 18" floor tom in the usual spot and has a pedal hitting the bottom of it for the bass drum. Either that or the pedal is hitting an electronic drum pad going through speakers but how likely would that be in 1989?


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Looks like an inverted beater to me, which would indicate that he's probably hitting some sort of electronic trigger.

Like this:

That said, there are cocktail kits that use the design you're talking about; where the beater hits the underside of a tom:


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It's too far in front to be hitting the bottom of the floor tom. I'm sure it's a trigger as pictured above.


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yep, totally 80's. I'm glad that decade is over.
The drums in front sounded like snares, but weren't.


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but how likely would that be in 1989?
This made me laugh. Yes mate, we had electricity in '89. :)

Actually electronic drums were developed much earlier, but came to the fore in the early 80's. Kits like the Simmons elctronic kit, with the flash looking hex shape pads were all the rage with many of the "New Age" acts at the beginning of the decade.