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Hey guys so I have a DW collectors in 22, 13, 16.

I've just finished In the studio and realised I love shallower kicks, I've been offered this Ludwig 22x14 12x8 16x16. Is it a fair trade?
What value are both of the kits roughly? Thanks in advance 20200106_171704.jpg



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If it's what you truly want, then go Whether you come out dollars ahead or not is debatable.
Personally, I wouldn't make the trade but that's due to my sensibilities/biases and not yours.


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Kind of hard to compare them based solely on pictures. Would need to know the models of each kit, their vintage, etc. But as others have said, you're the one playing them and you are the one who has to like what you play. Here's a question. Have you heard the Ludwig drums and have you played them? I would think that would be a key element to determining if you truly like one over the other.

Bo Eder

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Well, I think if anything, if you go for the Ludwigs, and then later decide to sell them, you'll probably make more of a profit since those are more desirable on the used market. They're a classic name that everybody knows (especially if they're classic maples, which I'm assuming they at least are). So you wouldn't lose money on them. DW is a name, but it's an over-priced name and people tend to figure this out which is why certain brands enjoy popularity and then fade back as another becomes popular. Ludwig has always been constant since they're such an old name. It's hard for anybody to compete with that. That's why other names like Ford, Chevy, Harley-Davidson, Gibson, Steinway, and Fender are so well-known.


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It seems like a "fair enough" trade to me...but the question is, are you willing to trade the sound of a DW for the sound of a Ludwig? I think that's much more important than the depth of the bass drum.

Both companies make great drums, but they sound different...and to me sound is everything. I would make the decision based on which kit sounds better to you.


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You can research this yourself via reverb and ebay (look at the ended auctions). If I were to ballpark it, I'd say those DW's are worth several hundred more on the used market than the Ludwigs. Is it because the DW's are better? Nope. It's simply because people pay stupid prices for DW's (IMO). I've played a couple of DW sets, and I've never been blown away by them. However, Ludwig Classic Maples are fantastic and sound bigger than they are. I love them.

I would do the trade based on sound alone, but I'd see if the seller could throw a few Benjamins in with it, that would sweeten the deal. I'd go do some research on your own though.


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Apples and pears. Both household names, both killer sounding (alas different sounding) kits.

Do what you feel best. Is it fair? yes.


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Money wise, the Ludwig may sell for less on the used market. Sound wise, I’d take the Ludwigs over the DW any day.
There’s no shortage of used Ludwig classic maples on the market. Why not put the DWs up for sale to see if you get any reasonable offers? You might be able to put a little money in your pocket and get drums you like.

Cutting the DW kick is an option. I recall getting a quote for $150-$175 to cut a kick. I didn’t do it, but the price seemed reasonable.


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If you have the DW cut, are you going to have the reinforcement rings re-installed? I mean I know they can't use the originals so keeping the rings would require installing new ones I'm guessing.
I agree with incrementalg. Unless you absolutely love the Ludwig set that is offered (finish, sizes), you could just sell the DW and buy a set of used Ludwigs in the configuration and finish that appeals to you (and most likely have some cash left over).


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If you have the DW cut, are you going to have the reinforcement rings re-installed? I mean I know they can't use the originals so keeping the rings would require installing new ones I'm guessing.
Actually you can re-use them. I know some Luthiers who do this.


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Wow, that's cool and good to know. I was given the impression that new ones had to be built for cut down shells.
It takes time and craft, as you have to cut down leftover wood from the rings exactly to the inner-size of the new shell. But it is doable by some. Very cool indeed and it keeps the vibe of the original shell.