Is this a vintage white label giant beat?


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Hey guys I luckily came across an 18 inch white label giant beat from the 60s and what is supposed to be a 20 inch white label giant beat as well. However, I'm having trouble believing that the 20in I bought is an actual giant beat, I'm including pictures of both cymbals so you experts out there can help me out. In the picture on the left you can see what is a clear 18in white label giant beat as you can see the faint logo on the cymbal. I kind of had to crop the photos as they were too large but you can still see the logo on the 18inch. There is not even a faint "Giant Beat" logo on the 20in and to me it looks like it's made with a different kind of alloy. Any help would be appreciated guys thanks
18in Giant beat.jpg20 in giant beat 2.jpg


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What did the seller tell you? If you got a good price, and they sound as good as you expect.....then.....what difference does the name make? Good price, good sound? What more can you ask?
The 20" looks like a giant beat to me. It's just odd that there is no logo, but the cymbal looks so shiny and new, also looks too new to be a vintage model. Little weird that one.