Is this a Trick throw off or Dunnett roto?

Someone's Dad

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Just bought this drum off the Internet for my son:

And while it does seem to be a very good drum at a good price, it has arrived with the throw off shown in the pictures. I don’t think that’s the Trick throw off that was described - I think it’s a Dunnett Roto. Can anyone confirm?

The British Drum Company originally supplied the drum with either throw off as an upgrade and the disclaimer on the website said “Picture may show a different kit configuration to what is advertised. Please check description to see what is included in this kit.” So I was expecting the Trick -

I’ve read better reviews of the Trick than the Dunnett - should I be disappointed, complain, or just accept it’s a good drum at a good price? Any thoughts appreciated.

Someone's Dad

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Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I think it is. I take your point on the Trick, but it was actually the feature that pushed me over the edge on this purchase - my boy’s got two pieces for his grade seven exam with sections that require him to disengage and re-engage the snare (although this throw off will obviously do the job). It just seemed fortuitous that this drum came along (purportedly with a Trick) at a time when we wanted to upgrade.


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Yeah, thats a Dunnett R7 throw, not a Trick.

I have a snare with a R7 and its okay. I would prefer a Trick 3 position in stead of the R7, but Im in no rush to swap it out.


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You should have the Trick throw. Its a pro unit while the Dunett is an entry level, heavy, bulky, cheaply made unit for lesser quality snare drums. It has its purpose but not on a pro drum. Ask for a replacement.

Someone's Dad

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Thanks Tommy and sonormapex.

I’ve spoken to the store and the only option they will offer is to return the drum for a refund. So I’m going to do that.

It’s not that the R7 is a bad throw off, but it doesn’t seem to offer any real advantage over the traditional throw off on my boy’s current Pearl snare - it’s different, but not really better.

The drum sounds good and is probably great value. But isn’t what I thought I was getting. I only pounced on this drum because it was heavily discounted with a Trick. But actually it would be better for my boy’s education to choose his own snare and if that ends up costing a little more, so be it.