Is this a good deal?


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I bought this brand new drum craft 8.2 double pedal for 150 Australian dollars, is it a good deal, and is it a good pedal?



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IMO, it's a good deal if you like it and feel comfortable playing it.

I have checked out the website previously and thought that I'd like to get the chance to try one but it's not readily available for me in the States. All of the DC stuff looks very good.

Again, I'm not sure about the specific deal because drum gear is priced differently in OZ, (seems much higher!) than the States but that sure appears to be a great pedal and if you are liking it, it's a good deal.


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If it works for you, it's a good deal. Nobody's opinion matters if you like it. My double-bass pedal would be panned by half of the forum and yet it has help me pay for exotic cars and houses.