Is there something like Dave Weckl Band, but...


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with guitar instead of trumpet?

I bought the Dave Weckl Live (and plugged) album, and although the technical level with which the album is played fascinates me, I was wondering if there is such a thing as a jazz band with similar caliber of players as in the Dave Weckl Band but with electric guitar instead of the trumpet?

I am a jazz "virgin", and know nothing about what's out there. I also appreciate softer, more melodic electric jazz, R&B type. Just wondering...


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Try the John Blackwell Project. Paul Pesco plays the guitars on the CD with some help on one track from Michael Landau. It is a jazz fusion CD but with heavy emphasis on guitar. CD available from iTunes and from cdbaby:
I love that CD man. thanks again for getting it to us. It's such a great melding of various genres and style on one cd, that you don't hear people do any more. I know a lot of musicians have complained that music has become so pigeon-holed.


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What about the Corea Electrik Band with with Frank Gambale, Scott Henderon or Carlos Rios on guitar? All monsters with rock tone. Then look into their respective bands like Trible Tech, Vital information, etc. Look up the Abstract Logix website. Ton's of guitar oriented fusion. Ain't no trumpet playing band...


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Ain't no trumpet playing band...
hahaha! what a great day for rock & roll that song was...

these responses are so good. please keep these coming. this is a great question, h. i heard the background music at an al green concert last summer with this big fat guitar work(pat metheny perhaps) and it was so good.