Is there anywhere I can buy drumsticks wholesale?


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I'd suggest sticking with name brand sticks and finding ones that work for YOU. Since I switched to loscabos I rarely brake any sticks. There are many good companys, Los Cabos, Zildjian,, Vic Firth, ProMark etc. And many sizes. Heck, los cabos have 3 types of wood even.

Even if you get bricks of cheap sticks, when you snap them 4 times as fast you are not saving any money, plus when it happens mid song, mid gig, it's a pain.

Bigger and heavier doesn't mean they will last longer too. Some guys work better with a lighter stick, or a lighter wood. Also take a good look at your grip. I used to snap sticks daily, but I was always playing aggressive music and gripping too hard. As your technique improves and you lighten your stick there is more room for them to rebound.