Is there any way to fix a nick in your drum?

I dropped one of my rack toms onto my kick while taking it off to clean it, and I left a decent-sized gouge (from the metal rim) in the wood of my kick. Is there any way to fix something like that? I was thinking of filling the gouge with wood putty but I really doubt I'll be able to get the color to match (the drum is piano black). Very depressing.


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If you have the time, I would patch the ding, sand the whole drum down and repaint the whole bass. Most black paint or stain is black, so you wouldn't have to worry about matching. Is it stain or gloss black like a piano.? If it were me I would just repaint the whole drum.
I'll need to do a depth test on the gouge; if it goes too deep I wouldn't want to sand it out b/c I'd end up with like a 1-ply bass drum.

Makes me glad I bought a used set for my first kit. If I'd done that to a $3000 set of DWs I'd be kicking myself ... harder.


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Fill it with industrial epoxy...

You can buy some black pigment to add to the
epoxy mix...

Tape everything around the gouge to let only the
gouge open... Fill it with your epoxy/black pigment
mix, use something flat to remove the eccedent, use
a hair dryer to get the epoxy a bit hotter (not to how but
just enough to liquify a bit... Let it dry for at least 12h...

Your work area on the bass drum need to be leveled so
the epoxy mix will not leak when you will heat it...

Now if it's not black enough, you can sand it a bit and
do a complete paint job... But I think only the clear coat
should be necessairy...