Is there a singer/musical artist where you may not like their music, but you like their personality?

I guess some could start their own thread reversing the question instead of crapping all over this one 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m sure there’s more but off the top of my head …I don’t dislike Alice coopers music . I mean I grew up listening to it and playing it but like Bo with the police I’ve just outgrown it a bit . But he’s a fascinating fellow with an interesting life and seems like a decent guy no matter his past shortcomings.
Alice has some *current* shortcomings too, and I have to leave it at that due to forum rules.

Though I respect the level and duration of his career, the older I get I'm turned off by super chops and complex playing. I've never been able to listen to Zappa's music either.

However I could listen to him speak in interviews all day. He's a deep mine of wisdom and knowledge about music and the business who expresses himself in a lucid manner.
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Dwight Yoakam, Barry Manilow-- at least I saw some TV appearances where they were both real cool and hilarious. Yoakam was hilarious anyway.

Stewart Copeland playing with the Police is great, he's just FOS when he opens his mouth. Complete idiot.
I'm on the same page with you on Copeland.

About Manilow: Have you ever listened to the record "2:00 AM Paradise Cafe" that he made with Shelly Manne, Lew Tabackin, George Duvivier and all the other jazz guys?
Apparently it's a single performance with no edits.
It's a run-through that they did at the end of the recording session.
All original material and good songs.
Still a bit cheesy, but I like it.
By the way, Shelly's recording with Tom Waits is also underrated.
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Bret Michaels (Poison)
Tom MacDonald
BB King
Stewart Copeland

Man, I feel the same way. I've really tried to like the Police, but I just can't. Copeland though? What an incredibly likable guy!
So funny. I love the Police's music, and I do like Copeland, but also think I wouldn't last five minutes in a band with him—he's like a puppy who's been drinking espresso all day.

I'm with those who said the Foo Fighters. I'd add Jerry Garcia, if the departed are allowed. I'm not sure I can think of another musician who was so commercially successful and was also beloved and admired by fellow musicians. And I want to like his music. I want so much. I've tried so many times. But we just don't click. Which is a shame, since on paper, I should be a mega-fan. And yet.
Oddly enough, I love The Police's music, but I don't think I'd want to have a conversation with any of the people in the band. I think all three of them give off the impression that they aren't from the same planet as the rest of us mere humans...

I get the impression that as soon as Sting heard my Southern accent, he'd just say, "Ok, I'm leaving." LOL! I wonder if he's hard to talk to?
If you stick to talking about Sting with Gordon (Gordon is Sting's birth name) it might go ok, lol. Andy probably has the least annoying traits.

That OP question posed is a tougher question than I thought. Guess it'd be one of the genre's I don't appreciate from the past.
I've heard that if you ever get to talk to Taylor Swift, she 100% concentrates on you and pretends there is no one else in the room. I've only heard good things about her (boyfriend jokes aside).
Hey, not like I met my wife in high school and never played the field, either ;). I don’t get why guys get so upset about a gal who plays the field. She seems OK to me. Tipping her crew like she did was way cool. Bowzer never tipped me. Bought me dinner a couple times, that’s about it.
for me it is Katy Perry...

can't stand pop music, but she seems pretty smart behind all of the bull crap
for me it is Katy Perry...

can't stand pop music, but she seems pretty smart behind all of the bull crap
I wonder how long it would take to get past the bullcrap, though. When she’s on American Idol, she seems like you’d have to wait a while for that.