Is there a good explanation for this?


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There was one of these on display at the local Sam Ash here in AZ and I got to mess with it. Too restrictive on foot angle. The feel was better than the usual double pedal as they had equal resistance from the shafts, but the angle restriction turned me off.
I made my own set years ago.
Never, ever, going back to normal double pedals.

Yes, it can feel like two slave pedals at times, but nowhere as laggy as a full length slave.

The key for me is that both pedals feel even. No, it doesn't feel like playing two slave pedals. There is a little difference, yes, but not to the point I want to lug two bass drums around. With a traditional slave setup your feet are playing two of the same pedals with two different feels. With an off-set version, everything is centered, including your hearing.

The only con I can think of is sometimes the snare muffles the clarity of the beater hitting the head (I like the clicky sound), although not much of a problem live.


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Think its just another version of having the snare between two mounted toms, just like having two toms independently mounted to the left of the kick. One would think you loose a little feel from a direct hit to the kick skin.


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Having the bass and toms directly in front of you gives better protection to your junk should someone throw a beer bottle at you.


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I think harryconway has a pedal set up similar to this.
Indeed, yes, I do. I had an Off-Set pedal for a while, like the one GD pictures in post #19. Sold it when I bought my Sleishman.​

I've seen them for years and know that Will Calhoun of Living Colour has used one extensively.
Will uses a Sleishman pedal. The pedal has actually been around since the 70's. It's a whole different beast from the double drive shaft Sonor pedal or the Off-Set pedal.​


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I know why...
Note the hi hat pedal placement... it is much closer to ur body as if you would play a single pedal

If u use two bass drums, hi hat stand gets pushed left to the left bass drum, if u use a single bass drum with double pedals, it must also be pushed away left of your slave pedal. Altho the length of the slave pedal can be adjusted, it is still gonna be much further than as if you would use this type of pedals. I can see that it meets best of both worlds - symmetry of pedals and one bass drum + reasonably short distance btwn ur body position and hi hat stand.

P s. But no, i would would consider using one of these lol


I use a conventional double bass pedal, but I cock the drum to the side so as to have a "virtual" 2nd bass drum. If I were to have the bass drum dead center, I had to turn to the left. I see this for those that want to keep their bass drum in the center and be able to set up the toms directly over the bass drum, especially if they use more than 1 tom.

I only have 1 tom-tom, so I'm happy with just moving the bass drum to the side. When I did have 2 toms, I set it up like this:

As for the hi hat, I have one with the 3rd leg as the pedal, so the legs never bothered me. Brilliant design!

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I had a set of the off-sets. I even had two short little Axis connecting rods made that were better than the stock ones.

After a few months I went back to my regular pedals. Yes, the Offset slave and main pedals feel a little more the same but it had no effect in the real world. I could still play all the same stuff on either set up.

Also it's a pain because sometimes the middle section would not be perfectly level and things would go out of whack. And as Beyond betrayal suggested, it was a hassle to have the pedals right in front of the snare stand.

Good on paper but no real gains in real life.

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To each his own but, i dont like how far the floor tom is positioned away from the bass drum because of that right side pedal. And the center of the bass position for the snare, whats that look like on a 1 up 1 down kit?

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To each his own but, i dont like how far the floor tom is positioned away from the bass drum because of that right side pedal. And the center of the bass position for the snare, whats that look like on a 1 up 1 down kit?
That's the whole idea tho, split your mounted toms with the snare, and even tho the snare is moved to the middle of the BD, it can still maintain the same distance with the FT. Pretty sure HARRY uses it with a thumper (1 up 1 down) kit.

Matt Bo Eder

I didn't think this thread would get resurrected! I just wanted to pose this question about this unique system. I, however, do not play double bass drum. I'm having enough trouble using one.


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Unfortunately, too many “explanations” we see take a form more like #2 than like #1. It usually isn’t quite so obvious as these examples here, but if you examine them closely, you will find that the explanans is little more than a restatement of the explanandum, with no new information added.
Speaking of no new information added,. lol

You should check the date. This thread is over a year old.. I noticed you only have 3 posts so if you're new that could be something to look for in the future. Enjoy the forums.