Is there a drum finish similar to WMP that's not a wrap?

Jeremy Bender

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Something like a lacquer or paint job that could approximate the look of white marine pearl but not be a wrap?


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There is a painting technique where you apply white shimmer / pearl paint by dabbing with scrunched glad wrap and or foam pieces .. most likely with a whitish under coat.. ask doctor google..


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Yamaha Club Custom had black swirl and orange swirl finishes that were essentially a painted on oyster finish. Back in the 90s Ludwig had black, blue and white "marble" finishes which had a somewhat diamond/oyster appearance that was applied with sponges. I'm sure you could do something similar with various pearlescent paints and some different painting techniques. I'd imagine either method you tried would be a little tedious and time consuming, which I think is why neither Yamaha's nor Ludwig's offerings stayed around long.