Is there a compiled list of percussion toys anywhere?


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Looking for percussion toys. Anyone know of a site that has a list or even demos of them compiled? I've found a few cool things in YouTube but mostly by accident.
I've got a few acoustic tracks that are earthy, lots of Harmonics, some harp and whistles.

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Do you live near Scottsdale, Arizona? Can you make a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona?

If so, visit the Musical Instrument Museum. It will change your life. You will walk away with hundreds of new ideas.



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"Percussion toys" means a few things to me. Are you talking about traditional percussion that may also be somewhat novel? Percussion that serves as sound effects? Or, traditional sound effects used perhaps rhythmically in a song?

For example, I have a number of items that make a sound, such as bird calls, whistles & horns, specialty percussion items like a Flexatone and ratchet, that I've used for years in songs, playing rhythms and pitches. I consider it all percussion, even where I don't actually strike the item.

I'm sure there are hand percussion and World percussion sites that feature traditional percussion items. But I don't know of a resource that covers every noisemaking item beyond that.



Among the instruments I tote around in my percussion case, are these three. They may have been intended for kids as musical toys, but I use them on most our gigs.



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Have you seen these spherical drums that you play by bouncing them on the ground ?
I think a complete list of percussion toys, is well ad nauseum...

I've often wondered though, why no spherical drums? They have certain ideal properties like ideal helmholtz resonance. The basketballs sound pretty good but not so loud. I think the problem is spherical things tend to turn into bells. I think an electronic basketball shaped sample would be fun to toss around at a jam.