is there a company that...?


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Hi !

I live in argentina , where cymbals are ridiculous expensive and the used market basically sucks (expensive and very limited options) , so I thougth that buying cymbals in ebay would be a grate idea but the problem is that most sellers ship only to USA .

so I was wondering if there is a company in USA that can recieve my stuff and send it to argentina.

thaks , for replying


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I got tired of the prices as well, so I switched from Paiste to Stagg. Ricordi has great prices on them! The SH and DH lines are great sounding but DO break easily if you play anywhere away from very soft, try out some of the Myra and Furia series cymbals, they sound great, and are very durable. Stagg cymbals are all hand hammered B20 Bronze, very similar to high end Paiste, Sabian and Zildjians.

Some prices for the higher end cymbals (Argentina):
Myra Splash: 45 USD
Myra Crash: 150 USD
Myra / Furia Hi hat: 250 USD

As I said, at least try them, and remmeber they are hand made, so they sound very different, even between cymbals of the same line and size.

De que parte de Buenos Aires sos?