Is the Tama Iron Cobra pedal polarizing? Do you like it?

Do you like the Tama Iron Cobra pedal?

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I'm curious as to what people think about my question in the title. I feel like the people I talk to or read about either really like it or really dislike it, but I could be incorrect. I really like Tama's hardware, and I have some pieces of hardware from Tama that are 25 years old and still work great, but I've never been a fan of the Iron Cobra.

Is the Iron Cobra one of those things that either people like it or they don't? What do you think?
I bought an HP900PTW. I used that for long time, now I'm using Yamaha. I guess there wasn't anything wrong with the Tama. It served me well. I can't say I really liked it or disliked it...I don't miss it.:confused:


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I've tried the Iron Cobra a few different times (other drummers pedals) ..... and wasn't moved to buy one. If anything, I was more impressed with the feel of the Iron Cobra Jr. To me, that pedal was more like the Camco/DW5000 in feel, and more to my liking.


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I bought one a long time ago, as a step up from whatever I was previously playing, probably a Speed King. I think the big selling point was a more sturdy pedal with a base-plate and the adjustability.

I spent some time dialing it in, but once I did I never thought it wasn't quick or responsive enough, but I slowly began to realize it was always a heavy feeling pedal. I'm a finesse player more than a power player, so eventually I started looking for something lighter, and once I tried some longboard pedals, I knew that was more to my liking.


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I have just sold my 900P Powerglide Double with Cobra Coils. Gtreat pedals & I really liked them. Found them heavier than my DW9000's though & they were always my first choice.


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My brother has one with a round cam. I don't hate it at all. It felt a bit heavier than my Pearl pedal, but that could have been the settings. Or maybe it's just heavier, I don't really know.

My friend also has one with an accelerator cam. I hate it. Feels like I'm trying to push a truck up a hill.


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It all really depends on what model make Iron Cobra pedal and what cam assembly were talking here.

In my experience of the iron Cobra pedal, I use the traditional black board models.

It was one of the newer models in the late 90's into the early 2000's back in the day.

But, before that model was announced, they had the (Which I prefer as my master pedal out of the Iron Cobra line) the silver board with horizontal black stripes that was announced early 1990's. It dropped in 1995. If i'm not mistaking, I found a archived article somewhere on the internet, explaining this specific pedal.

I can tell you one thing, the older model's foot-board felt amazing when I was using it (Silver). The butt plate of the pedal where your heel sits on was very stable, while the rest of the board was in motion. Almost felt like it was hugging my foot when I was playing. It just seemed to respond a lot better than the rest and it has a wider foot-board.

I go with this one as my master pedal (if you can even find one now days) and use the black model pedal as my backup, which are built like a tank and are pretty much lifelong in respect. They even have a part called the Tama Coil Spring that you attach to the base of the plate, its typically for playing faster, because it bounces up on the rebound landing back on the foot, that I use. The only thing that might cause a issue on the Tama Iron Cobra pedals, would be the beater holder. If you got one, don't over tighten the beater, mines broke when I was doing that. I just recently had to buy a replacement, only downfall with the IC.

I haven't used the newer Speed Cobra (long-board) models, but heard good things from them. Especially the long-foot-board and the speed to which it plays at is almost technical in it's own. I was thinking about getting one but stuck with the traditional models... If you can get one, i would just to have it with me.

Also, don't forget what cam assembly you have with the Iron Cobra. They usually advertise the power glide the most for some reason, but if you can find the one with the rolling glide cam piece, try that one. It has a 1:1 ratio, instead of a "halfway feel", then a instead drop. That's where the power comes from. Some people like it, me, not so much. I have used the power cam because I have one, but I'm switching over to a Rolling Glide Cam. Its more traditional in playing feel in my experience. They sell them separately like on Reverb or eBay instead of having to buy a whole new pedal.

There is also a Flexi Glide cam that I heard of but haven't used. Can't get into much details about that, as much as I would like to.
Also, one thing to know when using any pedal, is maintenance. Always have a lubed up pedal. Meaning, dissecting and lubing the bearings. Sounds like a pain but it won't squeak or grind, making it more smooth while playing and studio guys seem to like that. Just putting that info out whether you knew that or not lol

I have used the DW pedal before switching over to the IC pedals and have to say the feel of the Tama IC is much more smoother in action. Though, I read the DW 9000 is just like the Tama IC, perhaps smoother and responsive as the older models, but I'm pretty much sold on Tama pedals. Simply because they've been doing it for years and will never wear out, that is budget friendly.

Yeah, I do like them better in my opinion

Final tip: always get use to what pedal you choose and it should be second nature before to long.


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I've been using one for the past 20 or so years--is it the perfect pedal? I don't know. But I'm quite used to it, and it's treated me well all these years. Funny enough, my favorite feature of it is the little lock nut that goes on the bolt that secures the beater. Seems like that should be standard on all pedals.

Recently I bought a Tama HP50 Classic and strangely enough I almost prefer it and have been using it more frequently. But for "power" situations, it's the IC all the way.


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I don't have a lot of experience with it because I never owned one. The one I did play, again, felt heavy to me. But I never adjusted it. I'm a heel down player mostly, and I feel these pedals were designed more towards someone who really stomps the snot out of their pedal.

I like pretty much any number DW pedal with the 9000 my favorite.
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I love the feel. They give you the control of a "heavy" pedal yet can be played as fast as you want to go. I switched to Axis years ago but never got rid of my Cobras despite the major differences between the two pedal designs. I still love to play them.
The IC (3rd generation) was the model I liked most when I testet it against DW, Pearl and Sonor Machines in my local store. It still feels good enough under my feet to realize that it's still my feet that limit my playing.


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They're great pedals. If they offered the ability to swap out the chain with a strap I might even buy one.


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Never had an issue with my late 90s era chain and strap drive Iron Cobras...

Well, I found them a bit too large to haul around to coffee house type gigs so I went back to the old "Camco" design Tamas.

I have played Rogers, Pearl, and Ludwig pedals. I haven't found any logical reason to try anything else since I bought my first "Camco" Tama back in the mid 80s.


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I bought a second generation Iron Cobra around 2001, 2002. I’ve got a lot of hours and gigs on that pedal, and it’s been absolutely bulletproof. Feel is subjective, but it’s an extremely well built and solid piece of equipment (like pretty much everything else Tama makes).


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I think the Iron Cobra pedal is terrible. I used it for years and got worse on it than when I had an older Sonor pedal.

I tried other pedals and now I’m using a Sonor Perfect Bakance for a single and a Speed Cobra double.
I find the Speed Cobra to be just about perfect and I’m getting better than I ever was on them.
The longboard is great.


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It's really cool to see so many people liking the Iron Cobra. Tama makes such great hardware, but I could never get the IC "feeling" right. Thank you for your responses! :)