Is the Alesis DM10 an upgrade from the Yamaha DT Xplorer?

Grace :)

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to all those that have used these kits, do you think that the alesis DM10 studio kit is a step up from the Yamaha dtxplorer?

I've owned the Yamaha for around 3-4 years-ish, and have the opportunity to upgrade now to the Alesis DM10 studio. Would you recommend selling the dtxplorer and getting the dm10 or is this pointless?

I use my electric kit for plenty of practice, all my recording and sometimes teaching. With this in mind, are the sounds provided on the dm10 module more realistic and is there a greater choice or are they about similar?

The other thing that encouraged me to ask this question, is that the alesis dm10 has 'rims' on the toms and snare, so rimshots can be played, which would be ideal for recording as I currently only have single zone pads for the Yamaha. The cymbals on the dm10 also are 'chokeable', so again would be ideal for recording drum tracks as I could add in cymbal chokes.

And of course the Yamaha pads are the rubbery ones and have plenty of rebound, but the Alesis has 'real mylar drumheads' (as theyre stating in their descriptions) so would this give a more 'real' feeling to the drums or not?

But I thought I'd ask people who know - based on your experience would you recommend upgrading to the Alesis or sticking with the Yamaha? Based on sounds (quality and variety of choice), feel, rimshot/cymbal choking abilities, etc.

Thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated!


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I can't give a valid comparison as I don't own the DTXplorer and haven't played it (have heard it in store with the stock sounds/kits), I can only really speak in regards to the DM-10 module... I didn't like the stock sounds much at all, that said I think the DM-10 brain with the Blue Jay soundpack is excellent (especially for the price), I've seen a fair few complaints regarding the HiHat function (I think it is a "switch" funtion or some such), and the lack of any China samples looks to be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. I find it perfect for what I'm using it for and the "realism" of the sounds is great, I use it to trigger for monitoring/record etc so I may be off track and of no help whatsoever ;)


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Yamaha quality exceeds Alesis quality. The Alesis is acoustically loud, perhaps too loud for practicing in an apartment. Yamaha module sounds are generally better, but that's a matter of opinion and preference. Both sound okay. Yamaha can be owned and resold with less loss. Alesis depreciates more. The advantages of Alesis are, the drum heads feel like acoustic drums, and they are inexpensive.