Is the Album Dead ?

I do 90% of my music listening while driving. If I'm just hopping in my car to go somewhere in town, I'll pick out a specific song I want to hear. If I'm in for a long haul though, which is almost all of my driving, I will always listen to the full album front to back. My band is on the road near constantly, so listening to mixes or one song at a time gets annoying really fast. Its nice to just put on a CD and let it play. Its about the only thing that keeps most of us sane. : ) I've actually started to keep track of the passage of miles and time by the album.

I.E., "Ian drove through Motion City Soundtrack and half of Yellowcard, but then he got tired and I ended up having to drive all the way through the other half of Yellowcard, Story of the Year, Say Anything, and Snot." (actual quote from a phone conversation I had with my girlfriend this morning after an 8 hour drive)


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You mean my Edison Gramaphone driving my Marshall stack is outdated???