Is Steel Panther Punk-Metal - If yes, what is Punk-Metal??


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Hey guys,

weeks ago a friend of mine showed me the band Steel Panther. I haven't heard about them before but I think they are really funny and I like the style of the guitarist.

My friend said they play "Punk-Metal" but I never heard about such a genre. He explained that they have ironic, provocative lyrics like punkbands from the 80's but at the same time the riffs are more metal-like.

I did some research on it an couldn't find much about it. In an interview the guitarist Satchel talks a lot about Van Halen and he explains some of his techniques. For me it all sounds like 80's Glamrock like Van Halen, bit a little bit polished with dirty lyrics. In genreal he is not only influenced by Van halen, I think he almost steals their sound.

What do you think about the group? What style is it? Is my friend right with his "Punk-metal"-talk?

Btw, the interview is from a German website, I think. But the videos are in English.


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They are spoof metal for me, just a bunch of guys messing around and having fun and making fun of some of the 80's hair bands. Theyre OK but I dont make a habit of listening to them.


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my fav genre title to this day is still:

"Melodic Death Metal"

it makes sense in a weird way, but it's so oxymoronic.


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Steel Panther was previously known as Metal Shop which was a glam rock cover/parody band. They are still that genre....



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Nothing Punk about Steel Panther at all.

It's a comedy-parody band based on 80's glam rock.

Funny and entertaining live, but not to be taken seriously.


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Steel Panther is the sum of all that is all that is awesome in rock and metal.

Death to all but metal!!!


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They are a parody, of course. But they carry it to excess. When I listen to it longer than five songs, than I get sick of it. For a short period of time, this is good.

It's the same with the Satchel-interview. I mean, he is funny and all that but after a while he's getting on my nerves, because he is doing the same kind of humour over and over again. It's "Slapstick-Metal" :D

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They are a cock-rock hair band.

If I could think of a metal punk band though I'd say Motorhead, Propagandhi, or even some Sum 41 music.

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Punk Metal? Really? They parody cock-rock and do a better jiob than all those hair bands bands ever did. I've seen 'em many times and their act is top notch and absolutely HILARIOUS! Even if ya don't like Hair-Metal, you'll have a great time! The singer and guitarist used to be in the Atomic Punks which is the best Van Halen cover band I've ever seen. Steel Panther rules! Long live the Shocker!