Is live music dead?


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I guess I'm just happy that I grew up in the decades that I did.At the time,there were bars a plenty,and basement bands a plenty,and you couldn't swing a dead cat,without live music being played,and bands being PAID,to perform.Most of it was cover stuff,but the occasional original music bands were there too.

Hell I grew up in NYC....there was a band on every block,and most were working...even the crappy ones.(Suburban living...where trees were just a rumor)

I guess the internet and technology,is in some way,is responsible for the current state of live musical entertainment.I don't know about you,but I'd always....always prefer to hear a live band,warts and all,than a DJ or piped in music.I guess I feel bad for todays musicians,because most of them believe playing for free is's really not.:(

Steve B