Is it wrong if I play with my feet instead of my legs?


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What I mean is that when play on the bass drum, whether if it's with the double or not, I don't kick with my legs, I only use my foot/feet. I do this because I used to play Guitar Hero a lot, on the drums, and it wasn't really possible to play with your legs because of the absent rebound, so I got used to playing with my feet. I've been on the real thing for maybe a year as it's always been a dream to me. I don't suck btw :p I can play Bloodmeat from Protest the Hero with few mistakes, but when I try to kick with my legs, it just go into retard mode.

I don't think it's wrong because that's the way I'm at my best but I was just wondering since I don't think I've ever seen a drummer play this way :p


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Any way that you can provide the sound you want and works for you is ok. When I started
playing (1950's) we were only taught heel down technique. I still use this a lot, even for
up sambas because it is more comfortable and controllable for me because I've invested billions? of repetitions into rehearsing that way. There are advantages of other techniques for bass drum and high hat and it is well worth having a look at them and considering them even if you don't end up using them. There are times I use my legs because it is more comfortable in providing the kind of sound/groove I'm creating. For me it is all about comfort
and control. Keep all the doors might want to experiment with other techniques later on if not now.....learn what's out there and tuck it away in your mind for future reference.