Is it worth it to buy enough hardware/cymbals etc.. to outfit multiple drum sets?


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Good stuff!

My buddy who owns the Music Mill in my area hooks it up real nice for me. I should be able to get the Yamaha 700 series hardware (3 stands and HH stand) probably for under $200. Not a bad investment. And as everyone had mentioned, great for back ups/spare parts.

Now I just need more drums/snares and thrones.


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I have four sets of drum hardware for 5 drum sets. 2 sets are set up in my teaching studio, one is packed and ready to go for gigging, and one more is on call for when I leave a kit at a theatre during a musical run.

Not a necessity, but convenient for sure.


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Yes you should. For many years I have two complete giging sets. Both are full packed and ready to go. The only common item is my cymbals and cymbal bad. Denis


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The ideal is certainly to run all the rehearsals at your house! Schlepping a kit to rehearsals is something I've thankfully put into the past.

You can always grab some super-cheap stands for rehearsal spaces, and having a spare bass pedal is a great idea because they don't break until the worst moment.