Is it warped? Is it me? This is driving me crazy!


I have had these drums for a long time and I can’t tell if it’s cause they’re warped or not but tuning them is a nightmare.

I did check the hoops and they are kinda wobbly. I also realized that the bearing edges are angled and flattened all the way around Bc of abuse.

Tuning them I can get a good sound at certain pitches that do not line up with the other Toms. But there are these annoying overtones that sound like a scary movie. Should I get a new set? It’s driving me crazy!


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If you have warped rims and flattened bearing edges good luck with tuning. You can recut the edges if the set is worthy, and some rims can be straightened.


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Well, if the hoops are wobbly and the edges arent true, then you answered your own question. Dont go crazy over it, tuning out of round drums, or shells with bad edges are a nightmare to tune alone much less having out of round hoops. If the shells are in round you could get the edges recut and buy new hoops. That would be cheaper than a new kit.