Is it me or is this totaly incredible....


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Nice groove, it's all about the ghost notes on the snare. :)


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Talking about this little Keith Carlock Groove @ 1.11 sounds so easy but darned if I can do it as it easy or am I not as good as I like to think I am.

I have a tendency to absolutely love everything Keith does haha. The part itself isn't that hard - but the the nuance in the volume of each little bit...the ghost notes, etc. is Keith's secret sauce.


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I don't know if I'd say "totally incredible", it's a solid groove though, as you'd expect from a pro drummer.

To make these type of groove sound well consistency is key, more so than the dynamics imo, to get there add some (more) four on the floor + backbeat on the snare + 8ths on the hats starting @ ~80bpm in your practice time, play to a metronome and paying lots of attention to timing consistency, not to flam anything on the 2 and 4 mainly, and accelerate by 10bpm at a time.


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You are watching one of the best. Nothing from Keith surprizes me, but indeed it is the ghost notes. And don't forget the Silver Sealer. :cool:
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Not just you. It's dope. I love Keith. I just got off a group Zoom call with him and he was so insightful, and such a nice guy. Anyway, here's a little present for you....

It just needs someone walking up and down the bass gutiar fret board.


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Sweet. He's a hard hitter-which really helps contrast ghost notes . He knows how to work those hats and accents too. I noted over time in trying to play faster I reduced my stick heights and developed more buzz around using more stick rebound. If you just rebound for quiet double or triple stroke rolls-they sound great-blazing fast and even. But if you up the volume without accenting the second or third note with more ummpfff=if double or triplet it doesn't sound even and clean. What I note about Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, and Keith Carlock is they are hard hitters and when they play faster rolls they still hit each note hard and it sounds so much cleaner. They play quiet clean too-to be clear. I've been working on my louder rolls and playing clean and even-I noted in shifting from low to loud volumes my double and triplet later notes weren't as even in volume. You always have to be in control of the stick.


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Really good drummers have a way of making simple things sound really good and project a oh that seems pretty easy I can do that - I'd tried to play a Gadd 50 ways type groove on a song with my band in a recording session and when it heard it back I was pretty disappointed - it sounded horrible!!!