Is it just me?


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I always feel a need to release the snare and unlock the hihat top when I'm done playing. It bothers me that the spring stays a bit compressed with the weight of the top cymbal. And why have tension on the snare cord if you don't need to?

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Well, it's certainly not me.

When I had all my other snares in my practice room I used to turn them off, but that was because of noise.


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My hi hat is years old and I have done this or release the snares except on snares I'm not using to prevent buzz.


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Never given either a second's thought.

Never noticed anything detrimental because of it either. I have hat stands and snares that are decades old and have suffered no ill effects as a result.


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After 30 years, my DW5000 HH stand would still slap open hard with anything less than heavy hats on it. Never loosened it when not in use.


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I haven’t given them a thought but isn’t the rod in place to hold up the cymbal?
I have an atlas hh stand that came with my red vistalite kit that is older than me, (born in 83) and still works like a charm.


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I'm with fess! I always drop the top hi-hat cymbal and release the snares. I've been doing that for years. If I come back to the kit and see that I forgot to do either one, it irritates me.


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I have never done either in 30+ years of drumming and none of my gear has ever been adversely affected by not doing so.


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I jave always done it (drop the hat and release the strainer). No sure if anyone taught me that or not.

Basically, in addition to releasing the tension it also has to do with sympathetic vibration (snare drum) or inadvertently hitting the hats when squeezing past the kit and waking up the household....

In short, you are not


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I always release the hats because I'm such a klutz, I oftentimes kick things around getting up and/or sitting down at a drum set. I hate the sound of the hats sloshing around as I'm trying to get settled in.


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Never done the hats thing, but have been turning off my snare for years. No particular reason either, other than once I am done using something I turn on, I turn it off. It's like the key for the car, or a light switch.


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Since most of my playing is at church, I release the snares so that there will be no unwanted noise when we are done playing. Peace and goodwill.


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I do the snare thing, mostly to prevent snare buzz. Too many times where we are sharing a stage or the band plays a couple tracks with no drums and that thing is driving me crazy rattling up there.


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Seems like I remember reading in a rudiment snare book I had when I was ten (1965) that "proper snare etiquette" (probably a real good reason why but I don't remember) was to release the snares. Which I did till I quit and when I returned 23 years ago never took up the habit so never release the snares, but the first thing I do is release it and re-engage it and bang around listening for snare buzz.