Is Drumming An Addiction


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Is Drumming An Addiction and if so how has it affected your life ??

Just thought I'd throw it up as a heading and open discussion to see what answers came back without adding any comment myself which may give a biase or lead in a paticular direction.


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It must be, because if I don't play my kit at least once a day I start going through withdrawls and tapping on everything more than usual.


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Yes, it can be, and it has to be if you are going to be good. But then again everything is like that... So why bother to think about it like that unless you are NOT progressing and it's affecting your life negatively. I'd call it addiction if you are ONLY doing it for escapistic reasons.


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If you find yourself neglecting your other responsibilities and relationships, if it interferes with your basic ability to function or otherwise adversely impacts your life in some way then yes, it can be, just like anything else taken to the extreme. The first step is admitting you have a problem, haha!


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i'm starting to think it's an addiction. i started learning just to understand more and further my musical knowledge and the more i play the more i find myself drifting to drums rather then other things. anymore i could careless if i pick up bass again, haven't touched a violin, chello, or viola in years, piano has fallen by the wayside. i'm even finding being less attracted to the guitar and vocals less and less......

has been biting me a lot the past week......

even worse is buying more gear, they need aa or something for that....


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haha - obsession maybe....

I don't know what it is about drums but they are therapeutic for me.
Sitting behind my kit and getting into the groove...I lose track of time
what feels like 15 minutes to me ends up being a solid hour.
After a decent 30minutes to an hour behind the kit - i feel:
refreshed, calm, relaxed, and slightly euphoric....

I drive home everyday on my lunch hour to bang on the drums and forget to eat lunch....
it's the first thing I do when I get home from work at the end of the day....
There is always a beat going on in my head....

If I don't play drums for a couple days - I do get a little "on edge"
WOW - maybe I am addicted!!!


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*tap tap tap tap tap* i don't have a problem. *tap tap tap tap tap tap* i'm not addicted *tap tap tap* to drumming!


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Well.... It's 1am. I am still awake looking at a drumming website while uploading a video of me drumming to youtube. I played for about 6 hours today. After playing for that long (it's a few lessons that I put to music, much more fun for me to learn that way) I then edited the audio using reaper for about another 1.5 hours. Fed Ex came today and picked up the drum set that I sold and I shopped for a snare online. I then went on Facebook and asked a friend of mine how much it would cost for him to make me a snare.

To top it off my wife went to bed 3 hours ago and told me to sleep on the couch (not because she's angry...well she is kinda, but because my 2 and 4 year old took my place in the bed while I was still awake).

I don't see any addiction at all....