Is anyone using 2 rides in the left/right position?


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I play two rides, but both are on the right, overlapping. I rotate among my cymbals in those positions, but right now it’s a 22” block stamp A and an 18” Istanbul flat ride with rivets. Yes I play jazz. I only keep rides that are also crashable; even my flat is a great crash.


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Well, I fell in love with rides so much that finally I have.... 4 rides...First one at 2 pm is the ping ride, Sabian AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride...then, the wash smooth ride, at 2h30 pm, A Custom sweet ride 23 25 anniversary. Then I wanted a kind of a crash ride or a light ride at 1 pm, an found a Sabian Light Ride 20"... But found a ride with almost a shelf balance of all 3, bell, wash stick, the groove ride 21" so, I put it as a left hand side ride...all could be crashed but the most thunderous one is the Sabian Artisan Light Ride, the crash is mountruous...


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66Samus was the first I saw that had 2. In his blast beat metal genre, they're necessary.


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Always two rides - one left side, one right side, but I occasionally rotate them out.
With a set of hi hats, I'm good to go.

On the two kits I currently have set up one has a 20 KCD (left) and a 21 K Sweet (right)
and the other has a 20 K Con (left) and a 22 KCD (right).