Is a vintage premier for 400 better than a vintage Ludwig for 2000

Ok I was talking to a guy I know who buys and sells a lot of drums and continuing my theme from the last tread he started to dis vintage drums especially Ludwig saying that a vintage premier for a couple of hundred would be a better kit. Although he said it to rise me knowing that I have one but mine is more of a family heirloom and not my main kit so it didn't. But I kind of agree with him giving the way drum manufacturing went eg sharp bearing edges thin shells probably more accurate shell and fairly good hardware on the drums superb chrome stylish design yet they hold no value at all where as a Ludwig badge and $$$. So what do you think are the Ludwig worthy of five times the price.
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Depending what year/model you are speaking of, I would say the Premier is better made. For example I would say a Premier 2000 Alu snare drum in 1971 was far better made than a Supraphonic. Both great drums but construction in the one is far superior.
'Better sounding' is subjective.
Some people love the old Ludwig sound and to them they are worth the 5 times more. But vintage anything can get expensive. I would say old Premiers are not cheap.


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Huge fan of the old Premier kits & would always choose one over a Ludwig which I see as just plainly way overpriced for what they are.
Just had a look on ebay uk beautiful premier immaculate condition kind of a blue oyster wrap die cast hoops very stylish profile to the hardware 20 12 14 i think and 500 same site and a Ludwig in a lot rougher condition 1950.00. Money a side if i were buying I would probably pick the premier.


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Premier every time for me, especially considering the huge price difference.

That does assume they are like-for-like, however.

We have an old Premier kit at work and I'm very fond of it.
I find it interesting that vintage Ludwig gretsch Rogers and slingerland command a huge price tag and a premier from the same era would only fetch a fraction of the others.


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I find it interesting that vintage Ludwig gretsch Rogers and slingerland command a huge price tag and a premier from the same era would only fetch a fraction of the others.
Actually Slingerland are often priced the lowest of any and all these, incl. Premier, and are the best bargain.
I have no experience of slingerland but in my part of the world they fetch a good price probably because they are rare enough to come by compared with the states and taking that into account vintage premier probably fetch more in the states than here for the same reason.


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I have a 1990 Premier XPK as my personal kit so I am biased. It’s a good solid kit but I wouldn’t pick it for a recording studio. The Premier stuff from the 1970s would be my choice. Great drums and reasonably priced generally.

I’ve been lusting after their resonator series for years. Awesome sounding drums.

BTW - got my current kit off eBay for 350 USD. 5pc set with 5 cymbals, three cymbal stands, Premier pro series HH stand, Tama pro Snare Stand, and a DW 5000 bass drum pedal. It actually languished on eBay for a month before I picked it up. I’m still amazed.


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Premier - in France - are half the price of Ludwig. And they tend to age better in term of rust. For the price of a battered and to be restored old Ludwig I may get two Premier in relatively fine condition.
Old Gretsch are going up in price.
Classic Rogers are very very difficult to find here - except the 80's Big R series. Some friends of mine picked a "rotten" Copper finish Slinger Land for cheap but really in need of a pro restoration.