Is a mapex a good set?

I'm getting a pro-maple mapex drum kit with a double bass and a black panther snare drum. Is this not going to kick me in the balls later on?


I always recommend that you should directly compare, in person, several different kits. This is truly the only way to establish one sounding better than the next. Other variable will definitely factor in, but at least you'll be hearing them in an A/B or A/B/C situation to better evaluate their sound. Shop around a bit because much money will be lost if you have to sell and buy again.

To answer your question, Mapex are good sets depending on the series you decide on, but it never hurts to keep your options open.



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They're competitive, & usually offer good value for money. For similar money, Natal are worth checking out, but there's a ton of choice in that sector, so take your time.


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I have, and I LOVE it, but I wanted to see if anyone else has one and what they think of it. already played the kit and you love it.Who cares what ANYONE else thinks.Buy it play it,and it shouldn't matter who makes the drums.What matters is that they sound good to YOU.I don't care if they were made by Sugar Britches Drum company......well maybe.Just buy with your ears,and not popular opinion.If you feel that maybe you haven't tried enough of the other offerings out there,then by all means kick some more tires.If there's doubt in your mind,or maybe too much self pressuring,it's time to reaccess.Take your time and do it right.Maybe some A and B comparisons might make you feel better about your decision.:)

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It's never the drum kit ... it is always the drummer.

Mapex (like alot of other drum companies) make great products, but of you are worried about getting kicked in the balls .. wear a cup.


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So where is Sticks anyway, these days?
I think he's used every computer in his house and has run out of IP addresses,so he can't join under a pseudonym any longer.But you never know.A new laptop and he'll be back.:)

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Maybe because they are fairly new compared to Ludwig, Gretsch, Rodgers et. al. and hit the market at pretty fair price points, they didn't build up the cachet of the new "premium" builders like DW. Other than the Saturns, which have a unique and very well developed sound holding their own with anything, you don't hear many folks bragging about their new Mapex kit the way they would about having something from some more famous or exotic brand. There's a kind of notion that folks settle for them due to the price.

I wouldn't let that bother me. It shows brains and not following the herd mentality. Mapex kits are as good as any other name brand at similar price points and often a better value. Anyone with money can go buy a DW kit. It doesn't make them a great drummer. Give me a great drummer on a midline Mapex kit any day. I've played some folks DW kits that were horribly tuned and sounded like junk. Nothing against DW, I've also played some that sounded awesome. It's just that they aggressively market and have built up an image that suggests "real drummer", giving folks with things like Mapex an inferiority complex.

Play them well and play them proudly.


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Mapex seem pretty big over here in the UK these days...I guess it's the quality versus price ratio.

My first, brand newly purchased, drum kit was a Mapex M Series Pro. I couldn't fault it from the day I purchased it to the day I sold it (which I regret now).

It was honey amber..expanded pride and joy.

Loved that thing