is $1300 to $2000 the sweet spot for most drums?

Al Strange

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Some of you may be aware that I own a lovely 7pc Pearl Export EXX…perfect for rehearsal rooms and pub gigs the world over. My snares and cymbals are a little pricier, and I own a top line Prem but that doesn’t make me a bad person…:unsure: Here’s the ad that sealed the deal for me:


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Some observations related to this thread :
The amount of threads with pricing being the main object of discussion is far more prevalent on this site than at . I am assuming the age dynamic may be the reasoning.

Cad Cam manufacturing and low labour rates offshore has allowed Manufacturers to make mid price drums at a better and more consistent quality aspect than the drums made in the 60’s and 70’a for example . One great advantage the vintage drums have over the current drums is the use of old growth wood in the vintage drums .

We are in a wonderful time with multitudes of boutique and major drum manufacturers . The choices are almost limitless with new builders starting up daily . I feel sorry for new drummers coming into the fold as the choices can be daunting .

Brand loyalty seems to be waning as well . When I was growing up in the 60’s we generally chose a brand and upgraded within the models I. That brand . This still happens but to a much smaller degree . Companies line Pearl and Yamaha really understand this .

I think drum companies are getting to the max out point in pricing . Drums like Tama Star , Sonor SQ2, Yamaha PHX etc are getting obscenely priced . Purchases of these drum models becomes more of a vanity aspect than some huge improvement in sound . Heck these are drums and drum heads are still a huge part of the drums sound . These Uber high end lines have prettier finishes and moderately updated fittings but after all they are still drums . I have fallen for the Uber high end drums . It was nice dallying with them but now I have purged and gone back to what first got me interested in drums Gretsch and Ludwig . They feel like home. Good drums with a unique sound (in the case of Gretsch USA Custom ). Sure there is a sentimental aspect to my choices maybe based On my age ( I am 60).

Forums like this can be a boon or add to the confusion for inexperienced drum buyers .

100% agree on brand loyalty waning. I know when I was kid I told myself if I ever get the means Im going to be a Ludwig loyalist. And when I got into my early 30's (im 38 now), I did just that, I bought every high end Ludwig Snare and really nice Ludwig Classic Oak kit with all Paiste Cymbals.. But I started to realize it was really silly to just limit myself on just the Ludwig & Paiste Sound. I then experimented with Meinl, Sonor, Pearl, Tama, Gretsch and others.

I just buy what sounds good now.

same goes for drum heads. I've come to find that no drum head manufactured is great at all things. For example, I think no one makes coated heads like Remo, No one makes 2 ply clear heads like Evans, No one makes Kick heads as good as the Aquarian Super Kick series. So I just buy what I want and mix & match

Jeremy Crockett

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That's how it is in every situation. No manufacturer is going to willingly put out a product that doesnt meet their standards. If workers arent up to standard, they get replaced. People seem to think country of origin or nationality of worker matter. They dont. That's the point I'm trying to convey.
I would counter that it's not the "nationality of the worker" that matters. Rather, it is the Nation in which product X is being made because of the reasons @1 hit wonder cited. To conflate standards and practices with worker nationality misses the point.