Iron Cobra Power Glide


I just bought these off a friend for $50. They are pretty worn, and im wondering if you guys could help me fix some of the small problems that pertain to the slave pedal.

The bottom left part of the pedal where the foot board meets the heel plate the foot board is cracked where the tiny bearing is. Now the only thing i can think of is getting a new foot board to replace the old one, but do you guys have any remedies?

Also there is a lot of rust on the pedals base plate, do you know of any good ointments or oils that might take away that old rust?

Other than that they seem to be playing great.


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Light rust can usually be dealt with by using fine steel wool along with a product containing petroleum distallate (i.e.: chrome polish, liquid car wax, etc). You can also use soap and water with the steel wool, but I think it's better not to use any water because if you don't get everything totally dry - that just encourages the rust to start all over again.

Heavier rust you can use naval jelly to remove.

As for the cracked footboard - I dunno' unless you know somebody who knows how to weld...???


As for the cracked footboard - I dunno' unless you know somebody who knows how to weld...???
I don't think that welding it would help at all because that would just make the foot board uneven when i go to play it, it would be some what crooked and most likely cause the other side to crack. And im really trying to avoid any more damage to the pedal.
i don't know to much about the fixing your footboard but i bought an iron cobra powerglide double bass pedal a few days ago and it doesn't dissapoint.

my first double bass pedal and its great.

one problem i have is after a while i makes a small grating noise and i have to pull the spring off the part wipe it down put it back on and its good.


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look on ebay or craigslist for a used single pedal and cannibalize the parts. most of the parts are the same and you should be able to get one for around $40-$60.