ipad or tablet? and general advice


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I recently started learning the drums about 3 weeks ago so i have very limited knowledge concerning all things drumming. I have been watching/practicing lessons from youtube and was thinking about buying an ipad or a tablet so i can have access to the lessons next to me. Do you guys recommend one or the other? I don't want to buy one and then later on down the line realize that i am limited based on compatibility or lack of apps. I know this may be a silly question for some of you but like i said I'm totally new at this. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me!


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Apple iPads are very cool and they started a revolution, but you pay for that name and legacy. The last I heard was that the Google Android operating system finally passed the Apple OS as being the most used.

My recommendation is to get a tablet based on the Android operating system. There shouldn't be a shortage of apps and you'll save a few hundred dollars.

I'd also consider one of the numerous $399 laptops, though, if you really don't want to be limited (not talking about apps, but horsepower and features - ie CD burner, keyboard, USB ports, etc...)


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I am in love with my iPad (I sleep with it under the pillow!). Mr Madge is in love with his Google Nexus (but he doesn't sleep with it). My one reservation about the iPad is that some YouTube content won't play on it, which is enormously irritating. I don't know if that happens with the Nexus. The biggest plus-point for the iPad compared to the Nexus is the app Anytune Pro+. I couldn't live without this app for learning new songs.


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Having gone through multiple ipods that have either died on me, become loose in the input jack, or have just become outdated because Apple stops supporting the device and wants me to buy a new one, I have not been a fan of Apple in quite a while. Right now my current ipod touch is being used as an alarm clock but nothing else since the touch controls are f***ed.

I'm a Nexus user too. I play music thru Poweramp, which is nice but imperfect. Getting music onto an Android device is a little more complicated but I've been doing alright organizing my mp3s in iTunes and using Doubletwist Air Sync to transfer files. So, not quite as simple as using an Ipad, but the price you pay actually equals the quality of the product, unlike with Apple products. And the app availability has grown exponentially over the years. But I can't comment on Google Play Music, I very rarely by music digitally anymore. Android does have a lot more openness and freedom in functionality and aesthetics, where with an ipad you have to love the way it looks and feels because screw you if you want to customize anything, it's not like you shelled out hundreds of dollars.

If you go for an Android tablet, Nexus is definately a great choice. I prefer a 7 inch, but if you plan on never taking it out of the house 10 inches might be better. I've heard great things about the newer (but pricier) Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Before you make your decision, for the sake of comparison, think about what you would look for in a laptop. Personally, I would never buy an Apple laptop. Why? For less than the price of a Macbook Air (the cheapest new macbook on newegg I believe) I bought an MSI laptop with a higher resolution screen, more memory, a better graphics card, faster processor, better speakers, a fantastic fan (no heat underneath whatsoever), bluray drive, a space to add an SSD (without voiding warrenty) and, although this is different for everyone, an amazing keyboard and track pad (I use a wireless mouse most of the time). For me, I could never purchase a product that does less for me than some that are twice the cost (so not just Apple, Alienware is a ripoff too). A little more simplicity in the user interface areas is not worth hundreds or thousands more of my hard earned money.
This is a bit like asking what sticks you should use or that quest for the "perfect" snare.

There's no way to know until you try and decide. What I would suggest is to search for some video's that show the apps you're considering in action. No matter how much Apple pisses me off as of late, there are 4 apps that simply have NO MATCH in the Android world....so on iOS I'll stay.


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If you are looking at the ipad mini or the regular pad, the size will be preference. I had the larger one now I have the mini. The storage may be worth looking at depending on what you feel you need. I have not had any trouble with Youtube playing but then again I don't sleep with mine.


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You'll save quite a lot of money if you buy an Android tablet instead of an Ipad. It can play YouTube lessons as was your intention.


I'll give another vote for the androids. Very sleek machines and the new operating system is very smooth. I'm posting off of my nexus now.


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I don't really have an answer for your question- I have a first generation iPad my wife bought me for Christmas several years ago, and I am lukewarm at best on them- but welcome to the world of drums!


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As an IT professional, I mostly agree with what everyone else has said. Basically, you pay a premium for Apple products. I don't think it's worth it. Some people do, and I don't argue with them too much, it's their money. In fact, I even bought an iPad for my dad, to keep peace with the rest of the family. I just don't like some of the fascist policies of Apple. They are really harsh on developers. We own two Android tablets and two Android phones at my house by four different manufacturers. I like choices and I've been pretty happy with all four of these choices.

Back to the topic, there are forums upon forms devoted to the question your asking. You might want to look elsewhere for more details of iPads vs Android tablets. In any case, tablets are nice.

The last I heard was that the Google Android operating system finally passed the Apple OS as being the most used.
- Actually, that was a few years ago. Unless you're talking about 'tablets' specifically...if these are accurate:



No matter how much Apple pisses me off as of late, there are 4 apps that simply have NO MATCH in the Android world....so on iOS I'll stay.
Sesshoumaru - Could you please tell us what they are and why they have no Android equal? Thanks.

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Either option you'll be fine. I use all Apple products because the creative community I work with in my region are nearly all Apple users. If you're using the tablet strictly as a tool for yourself I would say go Android and save yourself some money. If you're thinking of it as a tool within a broader community of colleagues, then you may want to consider what most of them are using and purchase accordingly.

My wife's employer provided her with a full size iPad for work purposes only. I bought her an iPad Mini for personal use. She loves both of them and uses them every single day. If I ever get one for myself it would likely be a full size iPad, but I just can't warrant the purchase yet.


I am also a new drummer - been playing for about 3 months. I would first suggest strongly that you acquire the services of a teacher if you have not already. I at first tried to learn on my own but soon found that with so much information online that I was not able to develop a learning plan consistent with achieving the results I wanted.

I bought a Lenovo Yoga tablet a few weeks ago for less than $200. There are literally hundreds of free drum apps available. I downloaded one I believe called SoundMaven (not sure right now - I am at work on a laptop with no access to my tablet). It is a metronome app basically but it also provides a decent tuner feature. I also downloaded a rudiments app that I love. My wife and kid have the expensive IPads but I have yet to find limitations with my cheapie.



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You pay a premium for Apple for their access, service and quality. Apple has never stopped supporting any iPhone, iPad or iPod. I've had them, as has my family, since they became available and I've never had a minor problem let alone major issue. They are in almost every mall and, with Apple Care, you will get any issue replaced or repaired without question. That said, pick the product that works for your size needs, pocket book and preference.