Invader v3


Is it good to practice rudiments on Invader v3 for a drum set player or is it mainly geared towards corps drummers? What Xymox IDs? Would I be better off with a HQ realfeel?


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The Invader V3 pads are geared towards corps drummers, but they're GREAT because you can hear the stick articulations at quiet dynamics, unlike gum rubber pads. Plus, they have a stick-saving rim for practicing rimshots, and they're virtually indestructible. I use one and have never looked back, and I recommend them for all of my serious students...


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I love my invader! I use it every single day. I'm a rudimental/drum corps kind of guy and in my experience as a gigging drum set player...Having a solid rudimental background has given me an edge to playing. I can't imagine not being able to have the rudimental chops I have and playing a drum set. I also have a Reel Feel, Xymox, etc etc. I have probably every pad that has been created and of those pads, the Offworld Percussion pad is the best. :)