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Real name: Philippe
Age: 56
How long have you been playing: 5 months, just smashing the kit I bought for my drummer to practice in my basement. Took 6 months of lessons when I was 15...I'm a keys player in love with drums....
Origin of user name: it was the name of my surfshop in France 13 years ago
Too 5 drummers: Steve Gadd, Dave Werkl, Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colauita, Omar Hakim, Billie Cobham
Make of Drums kit: Tama Star 1973, BD 22X14, Toms 10X7, 12X8, 13X9, 16X16, Snare Tama Star Reserve solid Maple 14X5, Tama Star Reserve Solid Sedan 14X6.5, Tama Chrome over steel plus wrap with the same color of the kit, 14X6, came with the kit.
Make of Cymbals: Sabian, Meinl, Zildjian, in love with cymbals too, 28 as of now, I'm ok with it now, no more room on the kit anyway...
Where do you practice: In my basement, in Canada.
Are you in a Band: Yes, Funk Dance Cover band.
Style of music: Funk Dance but I also like, jazz, jazz rock, fusion, Latin, Pop, Classical music.
Country: France up to 13 years ago, now Canada for 13 years...
Odd thing about you: Well, odd enough that I'm the keys player and have spent maybe 10.000$ recently in drums!!!
How did you start drumming: I was supposed when I was 15 to play drums in my garage band but ended up with keys (I was playing the Piano since the age of 6...) And recently decided to play between practices the kit that I had in the basement.
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Im Mark a OAP bloke ( 50ish ) based in Essex at the moment... England ( Yorkshire Man )

I got into drumming many moons ago when most of my mates were in bands ( they would take a break and I would jump up at kit/ So self taught :oops:) ( Im still rubbish too )
I have a Pearl Export kit and use a Yamaha Snare and have Meinl cymbals ( I just picked up a Premier APK kit at a great price )
I have a Roland TD6 also ( never play the thing )

Im into playing Originals or Covers ( prefer Originals has no1 can pull you up on mistakes )

Drummer Idols ??? mmmmm anybody who Drums is a dude ( or dudette ) Jim Reilly (ex stiff little fingers ) Paul Cook ( great attitude...Sex pistols ) are 2 I do look up to...

Im in a Original and Covers band at the Moment ( Psycho/Punk/Rock-abilly Genre

My name means my Bands name

A fact ... I REALLY CANT PLAY WELL BUT love trying :) ... I also do a lot of Promotion for bands/gig find/put events on etc

Highlight of my Drumming life is playing a decent festival along side of Badly Drawn Boy and Pussy Riot and a host of other Big Names... ( never happen again )


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Oh my... i never introduced myself years back when i joined. 😳


Real name
Well not going to post that here. Too much malicious people on the web after personal info.


How long have you been playing?
I got my first drumset in 1999 i think. That's when i really started playing. Not counting the years banging on boxes and crates ;)
So that's... almost 21 years now!

Origin of user name?
Funny story... years ago i was (and still am) a huge fan of the Wing Commander computer games. In the first game there is a character called Iceman which eventually dies. Couple of games further (Wing Commander: Prophecy) you play his son. Just like with all games you need to input a callsign so your kills are recorded on the killboard and thought 'well, if i play the son of Iceman i'm gonna give his son the callsign of Ice'.

This was somewhere around 1998 or 1999 and at that time it was a hype to stylize usernames with capitals or numbers (l33tspeak anyone?) and thought it was cool to capitalize the centered letter so it would be written as iCe. And since then it stuck mostly to forums and games.

Your top 5 drummers?
Mike Portnoy, Todd Sucherman, Benny Greb, Terry Bozzio and Neil Peart

Make of drumkit?
Pearl for the most part and still sticking to them, but who knows what i'll get in the future.

Make of cymbal?
Different brands now, but for the most part Zildjian and have a preference for Zildjian cymbals.

Where do you practice?
Mostly in the rehearsal space and don't really practice anymore/

Are you in a band?
More a 'project' with a guitar player. Maybe (re)starting a cover band for fun with 2 friends of mine, but that's still in the early stages.

Do you play covers or originals?
The guitar player and me write our own instrumental music, which can be described as instrumental prog rock/metal. We're called Quivermore and have an album on Spotify/Amazon called 'Throck!'. Currently working on new songs with 2 finished and 2 still being worked on.

What style of music?
Progressive rock/metal. Coverband in the past pop and rock.

Favourite take out food?
Tie between Chinese/Cantonese or Japanese (sushi)

What country do you live in?
The Netherlands

One really odd fact about yourself?
Among my friends I'm infamous for my methane outbursts (also known al Flatulent Aerosol Rotten Thunder: F.A.R.T.)

How did you start drumming?
Sat down a friends kit a couple of times and really liked it, so eventually got my own kit so i could play whenever i wanted.