Introduction to Drum Lessons


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Hi all,

I've created a document for my new students, welcoming them to the world of drumming. Many new students, their parents especially, have no idea about many aspects of the drums, from equipment, to educational books, to the grades (UK), etc.

I've hosted it on my website, and thought I'd share it here, in case it was of use to everyone. Please feel free to use and distribute (freely) as you wish, but please don't remove the original contact details of mine from the document.

Get it here. It's the pdf hosted at the bottom.



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Great! Glad it will be of use to somebody. I find myself repeating answers to the same old questions, so hopefully this will go some way to remedying that.

Jeremy Bender

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Very well organized compendium for the beginner or the curious. Just one question: Did I miss any reference to the 26 rudiments or was it not included?

P.S. It's wonderful to know that the starting point of a pair of sticks and a practice pad is still recommended!


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You may want to give credits for photos of items used such as the Petrillo Practice Pad