Introduction of a mediocre drummer


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One of the two stories goes "Self-taught drummer based in Istanbul playing for 20 years, who incorporates rudimentary rhythms with local textures and explores the instrument from a story telling perspective. Starting as a rock drummer and moving towards jazz after the first decade, Rippou is currently featuring in a free jazz sax-drums duo offering familiar pulses through the rhythm of the chaotic city."

The other more genuine story is that I am a mediocre drummer who played in high school bands doing rock covers for 5 years, stopped playing for 10 years to pursue my studies and trying to kickstart my career, ended up in a rather depressed state about my pursuits in life and got back into playing for the past 5 years.

My drumming history is basically getting bad habits for the first 5 years of playing to be able to play in a band as fast as possible, and me trying to fix those bad habits for the last 5 years. In an effort to provide a clean state after my hiatus I started working on traditional grip to break things up mentally, but for the past 5 months put that approach to shelf and have been back playing mostly with German and French grip.

I have been really fascinated with jazz and especially Bill Evans, and for the past 5 years I tried to set up my practice mostly for jazz playing, though what I actually play in my duo isn't really traditional jazz. As a result my studies do not really incorporate into my playing well and both my playing and the duo seems extremely stagnant. Losing my head and questioning what I should play in free form without sounding stationary results in the very stationary sound I try to avoid, and if I get too lost I hide behind my rudimentary practice which makes everything sound even more ordinary and uninteresting.

Going down the Bill Evans route I really enjoy the drumming of Paul Motian, Martin Morrel, Elvin Jones, Roy Haynes, Max Roach, Papa Joe Jones, Art Blakey and drummers from the hard-bop era. I also love all Mars Volta albums featuring Jon Theodore, and they have been my main influences over the years.

It's a long introduction, but it is the most honest and heartfelt one I can manage about myself. I salute all drummer friends for the time and effort you put into your playing, which non-musicians mostly seem to cannot fathom.
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I love Mars Volta, and I appreciate jazz. :)
I also did the "develop horrible technique through self teaching" method.
And then I had to get Joe Bergamini to fix it. :)


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At first it takes a long intro for people to know you. One day down the road, all that will need be said is "Rippou" and like Krupa, Rich, Moon, Bonham. Cobham, Roach, Jones, Blaine, etc., everyone will know about you. All the best to you. BTW, how much are cymbals in your neck of the woods?


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Thank you for the kind words and welcome. I am not looking for people to learn who I am, but I do hope people can feel good about the music I am playing.

Cymbals in Istanbul can be a bit cheaper compared to global market due to big name manufacturers located in the city, but they are still quite expensive for local drummers as our purchasing power decreases every year due to rampant inflation and devaluation of our currency.