Introducing the very first Ludwig Keystone Bop Kit

Salty Dog

Senior Member
Ok now that I have your attention check this out:

I finally managed to make 2 kits out of one thanks to the ATLAS mounts that came with my Ludwig Keystone PowerBeat config (22/12/16).
The floor tom seen here is actually a 8x14 snare that I put on FT legs. I switched the lugs from the snare with the ATLAS mounts from FT and voilà. I had my invaluable Uncle make me a BD converter... For free. Anyway I still need to tune it to my liking but man what an investment this has turned out to be.


Salty Dog

Senior Member
Kick head is crooked... please fix and repost :)

Very cool looking setup btw
Lol. Yes it is but it's in line with the badge also this was a quick set-up I'll be putting a coated head to replace it. I might even install it upside down.

Thanks for slipping in a compliment too btw ; )