Introducing myself with a few new live videos


Hey guys, signed up for this forum a while ago, thought I would pop in and say whats up.

Been really busy playing shows & festivals around the midwest with my band, Mouth.

We are a 3 piece improvisational funk/jazz band that utilizes modern technology & live looping. I use a Roland SPD30 to loop perc / aux parts, never pre-phrased.. Always played live.

Check it out, some HQ live vids: - our version of Outkast's SpottieOttieDopaliscious - Original tune, with a couple guest percussionists.. (Brandon Draper from Quixotic Fusion & Kris Myers from Umphreys Mcgee) - More of a 'electro house' feel with a latin break down in the middle

we've been doing our thing as a band for about 3 years. most fun I've ever had playing music. for info / downloads

cheers :)