into the rhythm...



perhaps this topic has no place here, but i want to hear some ideas regarding that burning passion for drums, isnt it true that the passion is about rhythm, which is abstract, and not in the physical, being the drum kit...what re your philosophical mutherfuckas, woot-woot...


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'If that'd be the case, we'd be just as happy tapping on a counter top.'

Or the hood over a 1950's American made car... heavy metal, that's where I learned. I'd say nothing in life is singular and comprised of mostly, or only, one element. Therefore, subjectivley, the art of drumming is as much a part of passion as it is a plethora of other considerations, including equipment (drums, blah blah) being used (not meaning to leave out training, practice, and natural ability). Remove one of those and other elements, or alter it unnaturally (drugs, alky, attitude, etc.) and the resulting quality would be affected equal weight.