Interviewing Yourself!

Who knows when one of us is going to be interviewed by a drum magazine. Some of us are lucky to be featured in them, but to actually be on the cover, or have an major article written about you is the ultimate goal I would say of all of us.

Back when Rush came out with their 'Roll the Bones' album I interviewed myself. For some reason I was really interested in what I was doing at the time and I had to get it down on paper. Back then I was recording at home and I would record with my brother. We would do covers and originals with just a drumset and vocals. Later we would add guitar. My brother can not play either but we had fun.

Then a few years after that I wrote another interview of myself. Then I took a college creative writing course and submitted the most recent interview as a assignment. I received a good grade (I wish I kept it) and the professor was impressed. When I write them they look pretty much like in magazines. This is how they usually look:

SDM (Some Drum Magazine): So when did you start playing drums?
Enforcerdrummer: I've always played drums. It all started when I was younger and I would hit books and use different size books for toms.
SDM: What kind of drums do you use?

For me interviewing yourself is fun and now with the power of the internet, myspace, facebook, and blogs, we all can post an interview of ourselves which many will find interesting and reveal things you didn't think about until you ask yourself. I suggest you all try it. Don't bottle the creativity, let it out!

jay norem

Jay: How would you describe your drumming?
Jay: I suck.
Jay: Why do think that is?
Jay: Probably because I spend too much time talking to myself. Care for a cigarette?
Jay: Sure, thanks. You got anything to put in this iced tea, if you know what I mean?
Jay: Oh wow, where are my manners? Jack Daniels okay?
Jay: How did you know I like Jack Daniels?
Jay: Doesn't everybody?
Jay: Let's get back to drumming.
Jay: Why?

Fur drummer

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well ok:
FD: Why did you want to play drums?
FD: Because they are cool.
FD: Can you elaborate on that?
FD: No.
FD: How old where you when you started?
FD: I was 8 when I started playing pillows, pots, suitcases anything that sounded like drums. I didn't get my first set of real drums until my 20's because my parents didn't want me to be a drummer and wouldn't buy me a set. Till this day I wish I didn't start so late playing drums.
FD: Hey wake up.
FD: oh sorry, next question, So why do you wear a fur boa when you play?
FD: Because it looks and feels cool and is different. It is my gimmick and what I'm known for.
FD: But don't you get hot and sweaty and doesn't it start to stink after a while?
FD: Yea a little but It's not that bad.
FD: How would you describe your drumming style?
FD: Smooth, cool, and funky.
FD: Anything you would like to add?
FD: Yea buy my new CD.
FD: You have a new CD?
FD: No but that is what people usually say at the end of these things.
FD: Thank you for taking time out to talk to me.. uh, yourself,.... um, your alter ego, oh you know what I mean.
FD: you're welcome, I mean I'm welcome, I mean......oh for get it.


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VD: Why did you start drumming?
ME: Chicks
VD: Chicks?
ME: Yeah, chicks.
VD: Can you elaborate?
ME: About chicks?
VD: Yes
ME: ?????????????
VD: ?????????????
ME: Geez, chicks dig drummers, man!
VD: Well, has that worked for you?
ME: Why do you think I have a BIG kit? Kind of like those trucks with the BIG tires ya know
VD: Ok, thank you for your time.
ME: Chicks, dig 'em & when it comes to kits he who has the most pies wins.


P.S. For our esteemed drummers of the estrogen family please disregard my testosterone guided input.


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This thread is Hillarious......I Like it.

DS. When did you start playing drums?
ME. About 7:30
DS. No, I mean in General, when did you start playing drums?
ME. What?
DS. How many years ago did you start playing drums?
ME, OHHHH!? I Misunderstood
ME *Silence*
ME. SO What?
ME. *Drools*.......................Can I borrow that? (Referring to calculator on cellphone)
ME............................................................What year is this?
DS, Ummmmmm 2008
ME. 23 Years........................wait!! 24 years.........................what year was 1984 in?
DS. 1984
ME. OK Then, 25 I was right, 24 years, I think.
DS. Next Question......
DS. WHAT???!!!
ME. Sorry, was trying to anticipate your next question...........
DS. OK, what's in Chicago?
ME. That's a stupid Question man. How should I know.........

king fail

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I'm too lazy to interview myself at this point, but this is GENIUS!!!
I lol'd so hard :)


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(Interviewer) Good morning P, and thank you for agreeing to do the interview, because I know you are very busy, er...(lookind down at his feet), yes you are so occupied. You have your wife and children to look after, these 7 bands you play with, er...(looking into his notes) I mean only 6 because you do not play with "Motionless" anymore, and you were right to stop working with them, the guitarist is really a pain in the ass. (speaking very fast) He always wanted you to play more cowbells, didn't he, and everyone knows you hate cowbells. You are right not to recommend them to aspirant drummers. Those wanabee drummers have to learn their rudiments first. I totally agree with you. Of course how could you guess what happened when you started drumming at the age of 4 on tables and pans, trying to reproduce the music everybody listened to in the family, all mucicians I know and he was a great ...
(interviewee) er, what's your question?
(Interviewer) Your father. He was such a great trumpet player. er...That's what he wanted you to learn when you were 6, I mean the trumpet, but you have always wanted to play drums, especially Gretsch drums because of that famous great great...
(Interviewee) (smiling) sound! Ok let's talk about drums, has the interview started?
(Interviewer) but you are right because what is it worth learning how to play the flute if for some reason you want to play the clarinet? Rings a bell, by the way, There's this friend of mine who plays the clarinet very well, and he told me the last time we met, er that was er where? In Paris. No it was in Moscow, you know, I sometimes go there for my work and...
(Interviewee) (anxious) Paris?
(Interviewer) No, that was in New york! That's where I first interviewed you, no I mean him, in 1996. At the time my friend the clarinetist was...
(Interviewee) I don't care about your friend, the clarinetist. Shall we start the interview?
(Interviewer) Certainly. It all started when I interviewed him in New york, and , er...(scratching his head) I can't remember his recipe for doing that special omelette you told me you liked so much when you were younger, you know our first encounter in...
(Interviewee) What has omelette to do with your interviewing me as a drummer?
(Interviewer) Yes, I always wonder why he chose the clarinet rather than drums.
(Interviewee) That's enough, I must run now. Good bye

jay norem

Jay: Could you describe your practice regime?
Jay: How much time have you got?
Jay: All the time in the world.
Jay: Well, that's not long enough.
Jay: Well, do you practice everyday?
Jay: Look, I can't remember that far back.
Jay: Well, but you do practice, don't you?
Jay: Oh, sure! Yeah! Practice, oh...very important, yes...
Jay: So, what exactly do you practice?
Jay: You mean on the drums?
Jay: Well, yeah.
Jay:, this is getting a little personal, isn't it?
Jay: Sorry...
Jay: Don't worry about it. Here, take a card, any card. Now don't tell me what it is!
Jay: Uh...okay.
Jay: Keep it, I have 51 more.
Jay: What was it like the first time you had sex?
Jay: I was terrified. I mean, I was all alone!
Jay: I understand that you and your wife now have separate bedrooms.
Jay: Yeah. Her's is near the airport.
Jay: So what do you look for in a woman?
Jay: Very low expectations.
Jay: Anything else?
Jay: Yeah. At my age I actually prefer to go to bed with two girls. That way if I fall asleep they have each other to talk to.
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