Interviewing Gavin Harrison tomorrow - Submit your questions!


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Greetings everyone!

I run online magazine BackstageMusician.Com and will be interviewing Gavin tomorrow.

For those of you who haven't been to the site, its a very tongue-in-cheek site. I don't ask musicians a whole lot about their gear, influences, etc. Since this will be the 2nd time interviewing our friend Gavin, I wanted a chance for the fans to get their questions in! This is the first time EVER I've taken fan submissions. So if this goes well, I'll do it more often.

Here is a portion of the previous interview I did with Gavin in 2008.

This interview will be a podcast on the new RELAUNCH of backstagemusician on May 4th.

So...whatcha wanna know?! Submit your questions now!!!! I'll be accepting through noon tomorrow (eastern time).

Gavin - If you're reading this. No cheating! Don't read ahead. I will see you tomorrow. =P

Enjoy everyone!