Jeremy Bender

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Gosh! I so hope he keeps playing into adulthood. Really got it. Got that Gadd, Jordan, Mayer posture going too, really listening to the sounds. So nice that he does pop too. I feel sure a live audience would feel his engagement with the music. Hope college doesn't turn him into a cork sniffer.
Also, I would definately read an interview of him or of his parents.
Edit: Dam! He is on Drumeo!
Talented young man for certain, will be exciting to see what his future holds.

lol..."cork sniffer?"

Push pull stroke

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Holy cow this "kid" Raghav Mehrota is incredible!
Thanks op for creating the circumstance where I have been introduced to this incredible musician.
He grips the stick too hard. But yeah, it’s incredible that someone that young can play those kinds of modulations over the beat that effortlessly, and with such solid time. He just needs to take some lessons with Weckl or Danny Gottlieb or someone else with relaxed hand technique, and he will be unstoppable.