Intersting article on Beats Headphones


Matt Bo Eder

99 bucks sounds almost too cheap. I thought you were going to quote something in the 250-300 range. Which are more comfy, your Sony's or the AKG?
$99 is not too cheap. You can spend more, but it doesn't matter. You want accuracy, and the Sony's so it. As far as comfy goes, they're both about the same. But I notice replacement ear pads for the Sony's are more readily available than they are for the AKGs. This is why the Beats article is funny to me. I go into BestBuy and I see how much they're charging for that crap, and how the kids are buying 'em up like they do Nike shoes, and I just shake my head.

Funny thing about that article. In the end, they said Apple bought Beats. I think the only reason Apple was impressed with Beats is because Beats marketing is just like Apple's: let's make some crap that everybody will buy regardless is it's good or if they even need it. I would love to make my living like that!
Another +1 for the Sony MDR-7506. My fear is that with the proliferation and acceptance of POS listening systems, I will have to monitor my studio recording mixes through yet another audio output device just to make sure they're "Beats-compatible", much like testing a mix in mono or over cheap earbuds. Then again would the Beats kids even know a good mix from a bad one?


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I have a pair of Beats Pro and they are okay for what I paid - nothing. I used expiring air miles and my daughter uses them most of the time.

That said, I would love to have a pair of Sennheiser HD800 but I hate spending money on technology.



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File under, well, duh.

They were never marketed as being superior audio quality headphones, they were marketed as being fashion items.


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Sony MDR-7506 is my main go-to headphone. And they only cost $99 at Guitar Center or Sam Ash. They are a staple in major studios around the world. GK Ultraphones are actually the Sony MDR-7506 installed into Peltor shooter's earmuffs.

I still use the MDR V6, similarly the same as the MDR 7506.
I had the V6s years ago, but they got ripped from our tour van while the band was playing in the club. Stole my damn shoes too.

Studio phones aren't audiophile phones either, they're just considered non-colored.


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While the article's point is accurate, they underestimate the cost of the most expensive components (speakers) by quite a bit. The speaker in the BOM is sourced at ~$1.

I guess what I'm saying is that these things don't have a %1200 margin, it's more like %300.


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If I were to buy a pair of good phones, like the Sony's, would it make that much of a difference if all I'm listening out of is my phone and computer? Is there a good enough signal coming out of my phone and laptop that it would be worth having better phones?


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If I were to buy a pair of good phones, like the Sony's, would it make that much of a difference if all I'm listening out of is my phone and computer? Is there a good enough signal coming out of my phone and laptop that it would be worth having better phones?
Yes, the output in an iPhone (and most other electronics devices) is good enough that you will notice a significant difference between a $25 set of earphones and a $75 set of earphones.

Don't get caught up in brand. Come up with a budget, and ask google "What are the best over ear headphones for under $100" and look at the results. Once you find something interesting, like the Sony MDR7506, see if you can find it on-sale somewhere.


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i use a pair of Alessandro Ms-1's which were $99. they are basically a tweaked version of the Grado SR-80's. they sound fantastic for just listening to music. they're open back so they definitely aren't for recording or for playing along to music but I can't recommend them highly enough if you're looking to just enjoy music.


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Go with the AKG K240s! Those are some extremely well designed headphones. Not to mention, they make the cable easy to swap out and replace, which is a huge, huge upside. Comfortable, good response range, even passable for rough mixing. Very nice.


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The only serious place to get headphone reviews by price range is I used their buyer's guide to choose my cans and haven't regretted my decision. Check it out.
Oddly enough the Sony's weren't listed there. Still, I'd get the Sony's on Bo's recommendation alone. The price is right and I'm not looking for state of the art, just a really great headphone with good bass.

I inherited a nice sounding pair of phones from my late stepson. Lightyears ahead of my crappy VF headphones. The brand is Steelseries and it uses a USB connector. He used it as a gamer's headphone. It's got really nice bass response, but I have nothing to compare it to. They go for about $100. I could use a few more nice sets of headphones, so I will be checking out the Sonys.


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On Amazon, the Sony headphones you guys have been mentioning are only $85. It's very tempting.

Anyone use the Vic Firth headphones? I'm interested in those also.


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I use Sony MDR 7506 too. Unless you have 'golden ears', spending more is overkill.

They can get a little uncomfortable with extended use though - like a few hours or so.
Gotta' take a break - ha ha.

It was a toss up for me between those and the comparably priced AKG's.
I still might pick those up sometime.