Interesting Study on Timing Variations


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Old article from 2012...but one I had not I thought I'd share.

“You can have these trends,” said Hennig. “For example, the drummer plays ahead of the beat for 30 consecutive beats, while half a minute earlier, he tended to play slightly behind the metronome clicks. These trends are pleasant to the ear.”

I am not up on the last 5 years worth of drum machine/sequencer evolution.

Is this effect integrated into any newer form of 'humanization'?



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Not unusual. Sit behind or on the beat during the verse and push the beat during the chorus or middle eight, to build excitement. That's why its "Pleasant to the ear" Back in the day drummers did it naturally, it sounds more musical. Highly trained orchestras speed up deliberately to increase tension or excitement, its not a flaw.


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Mikel, ever see a sequencer that applies this as part of a 'humanization' setting?

After all, we must facilitate the evolution of our drum machine overlords! (just humor...I'm not a tinfoil hat wearing sky-net fearing luddite...I just play one on the internet)

Also, note that the tempo is not changing in this experiment...just the 'tendancy' to go beneath, between or behind the beat.
<<ducks the sticks thrown at him for the obvious reference>>
Looks like you get that but the reinforcement of context might be good for those that skip reading the article...philistines!
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