Interesting Interpretations of the music from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"


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I recorded a Christmas album of my own interpretations of Vince Guaraldi's music from the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" three years ago in an effort to help raise funds for schools in need of music education programs. I hold a fundraising performance every December and below are a couple of clips from this year's show. I hope you dig them and that you are all having a Merry Christmas!

"What Child Is This?" - originally a slow jazz ballad, I've turned it into mix of a halftime shuffle and afro-cuban.

"My Big Drums" (My Little Drum) - originally a bossa nova, this piece has been turned into a samba reggae song with a heavy batucada intro.

"Fur New Or-elise" (Fur Elise) - Beethoven's classic 3/4 sonata becomes a dirty second line N'awlins groove with horns.

"Christmas Time Is Here" - the classic brush ballad quickly becomes an all out drum 'n bass track.

"The Spliffmas Song" (The Christmas Song) - the Mel Torme song made classic by Nat King Cole gets a dubbed out reggae twist.


Andrew McAuley - drums, percussion
Dylan DeFeo - keys
Jared Miller - bass
Kiki Nakajima - sax
Alix Tucou - trombone
Clynt Yerkes - trumpet
Ron DeFrancesco - repinique, tamborica on "My Big Drums"
Nacim Valdes - surdos on "My Big Drums"


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This is really good stuff with some very interesting mixups - superbly played, and a fabulous cause too = what's not to like!!!!!! :)


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This is really good stuff with some very interesting mixups - superbly played, and a fabulous cause too = what's not to like!!!!!! :)
Thank you so much! 🙏

You didn’t do anything with “Linus and Lucy”?
We did the entire record but I just wasn't in love with all of the takes (man, my floor tom tuning was seriously out of whack on a couple of tunes), so I only posted the ones that I thought sounded the tightest. Here's the "Linus & Lucy" take since you asked, which is another second line twist. I slopped up a bit on my double time swing in this performance, but it is what it is. Next year, we're going to extend the double time section and let the horn players take turns blowing over it. Should be pretty hip!


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I don’t care if there’s a few mistakes. The tune works well with second line feel. That’s by far the best music in that whole Christmas special.
I'm glad you liked it! I am definitely in the minority with this opinion, but "Linus & Lucy" is actually my least favorite tune in the special. LOL It's an amazing and timeless piece, but it just seems to have less of a Christmas vibe than the others to me. I think my favorites have to be "Skating", "Christmas Time Is Here", and "My Little Drum". I'm going to post another vid or two. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and here's to a great 2020!