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yeah, he's really choked up a lot on his sticks, but some jazz players do that. i do it too sometimes to keep a light touch while playing jazz. that's pretty extreme though.

you're right about his posture. he's got his left shoulder hunched way up high. if my drum teacher saw that he'd be all over him like a cheap suit!

his playing is ok, but nothing spectacular. he's no brian blade, for example.

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Yeah I choke the sticks too, on occasion.

And nah his playing is 'only' okay, but I like his ideas. But then maybe they seem fresher to me because I don't know much about jazz percussion.

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I cannot understand why he holds the sticks so high up.The response would be crap. I know a drummer in my city who holds sticks a bit similar to this.


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i tried choking way up on my sticks like that at practice last night just to see what would happen. it felt really weird, of course, but it also made it pretty hard to play a roll. that might explain why his rolls sound kind of jumbly.


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This reminds me of a rock guy that is trying to learn how to he can play all the notes, but without any of the feel. Almost every concept he plays is pretty standard jazz stuff, but played with a stiffness that no jazz drummer should have.