Insurance for kit


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Hello everyone

I have spend many years and pounds of my hard earned money on kit, cymbals etc and as I am now venturing out and gigging, I wonder if I need insurance for my kit?

Does house or car insurance cover for such events as theft or damage, if not is there anyone who specialises in such policies?

I am based in the uk.

Thanks in anticipation of your responses.



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In the US, it is a rider on your homeowner's insurance. You need an appraisal of your kit and serial numbers to get a quote. It's likely the same over there because Lloyd's (of London) underwrites all kinds of policies for all kinds of insurance carriers.


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I am in the process of this also. Problem is that if you gig with your gear ( I am sure most of us do) then they consider you a professional. So I could not claim all my gear on my home owners insurance - even with a rider. Also because I have a practice studio away from my house the last place I got a quote from was not happy with that either.

I found a few places that I am working with now to get a quote. Will be more than happy to share my experiences.


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In the US it would be covered by your renter's or homeowner's insurance, if you can reasonably claim you're not a professional. If it's your job, they make you pay extra to cover them.


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Hey everyone so I have some updates. Like we have established you can cover your drum gear for personal use under renters/home owners insurance. For an extra $52 a year I covered mine under a special valuable personal property insurance.

So if I mess up my drums on accident there is no cost for me to get them repaired or replaced. The grand total for my renters insurance andvaluable personal property insurance is $373 a year through USAA.

Now regarding the professional equipment; gear I used outside the house for money. I am waiting on quites from Clarion and another company.


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I'm in the uk, and was wondering what the process was for a good assessment? As in, who can do this for you?
I am rocking various Gretsch kits, all over 30 years old, so i would need someone who has an idea of what vintage values are, wont they? Also, the new for old wont stand, will it?