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Hey Guys,

Has anyone got any recommendations for policy providers in the UK?

I'm unable to keep my kit in my apartment, not enough space, limited access etc.. so it gets stored in a garage that is in a block of garages. I don't have content insurances for my flat, I've gone the self cover route but I do want to insure my kit with a provider. I would like to be covered while it's stored, in transit and in venues.

Any tips etc would be great.


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Go talk to an insurance agent. I am an agent in the US so I can't help you with much information but an agent is your best bet for good information.

Paul Quin

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Join the Musician's Union: They have contacts with insurance agencies who specialize in musical instrument insurance and will provide you with better rates than through other agencies. Same applies in the US!



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Check out the sponsor banner at the top of this page! I don't know how competitive their rates are, but they do at least contribute to the running costs of this site. Got to be worth a click on that basis alone.