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Not sure how many drum corps junkies we have here, but this is something that just blows me away.

Robbie Robinson, former DCI Individuals champion on snare in 1979, 1980 and 1982, recently decided to compete in DCA (DCI competitions are for 21 and under, so DCA is for those who are > 21) this year. Here's video of Robbie's performance which won him 1st place:

That's right, here's a drummer who aged-out of corps back in 1983 and he can STILL play like this.

Inspiration, man.

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To me it mostly sounds like machine gun fire, occasionally like fireworks and later on like a generator.

With a few effects it would probably be interesting as a background part of an ambient piece.


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even awesome would say i quit.

If awesome and amazing had a baby and it manifested into a person, that drummer would beat him down!!!