Inner Drumming by George Marsh

Alain Rieder

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I have that book and find it very interesting, although I haven't worked on it extensively.
I bought it because it was different, I was in a shop in San Francisco around 1986, and I thought I might never see it again (and I was right). A few days later, Ralph Humphrey mentioned it to me, saying it was an interesting book.
I was thinking I could start working on it again, the other day. Some of the concepts can be applied to other books or patterns as well. Definitely a book to check out.



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I heard back from him and he does have copies available- anyone interested can reach him through the email address at the link below.

Alain, was Humphrey teaching at Northridge back then? I remember wanting to get into his program, but couldn't get aid for Cal St. schools and wound up at SC. tb