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I woke up this morning with shooting pain at the bottom of my right thumb. Last I think I over did it, playing for a few hours straight after having been down the past few days with the flu.Based on the swelling and area of pain I suspect that I have an arthritic basal joint but I will see a hand specialist next Monday. Ugh. Anyone else dealt with this? I am not looking for a diagnosis - just folks who do have problems with their thumbs.



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Sorry to hear about this. Those opposable thumbs are quite useful for us humans.

Can't say I ever had a similar problem although both of my thumbs are double jointed (i.e., hypermobile). Same for my brother and one sister has a single hypermobile thumb so I guess it's genetic. Not of much practical use short of freaking people out at parties.


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I have had it in both hands, and the only cure was rest. Please pass on the Dr.s diagnosis
As I get older I am finding that all of those old injuries are coming back to haunt me. One of my thumbs I hyperextended and it touched my forearm. Seem to be OK but now and then....ouch


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This happened to me a couple of years ago. Gripping anything becomes a challenge let alone drumming. Luckily it went away on its own after a few days. Best of luck!


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i get gout in my wrist & thumb joint so I know how you only cure is gout meds and rest...just way too painful...i have never broken a bone but i suspect it can't feel any worse with the pain


Just an update here as I know other were curious to hear what a doctor had to say about my thumb...

I didn't go. After resting for a couple of days the pain completely went away. I can still kind of "feel it" when I type or play closed hi hat - not so much on the ride, but it is not pain anymore. I am going to continue with my own treatment (ice when I am done playing, heat before I go to bed) and see how things go.